Growing Together, Stronger Together

Growing Together, Stronger Together


Our Polypropylene Weft and Warp yarns, twisted or untwisted are made to very tightly controlled shrinkage specifications enabling the carpet to be processed through the latex finishing operation without fear of shrinkage. The uniformity of the yarn ensures smooth running and reduces stoppages caused by yarn breaks.

✓ High Strength
✓ High Performance
✓ Low Shrinkage
✓ UV Stabilised

The Advantages of Fibrillated PP Weft Compared to Natural Jute

  • Material Savings: Less Kg Usage Of Pp Weft Compared To Jute
  • Logistics Savings: Less Courrier Costs For Online Sales
  • Secured Supply Chain (No Seasonality)
  • 100% Recycable Carpets – 100% Mono Material With Pp Warp Yarn
  • Öeko – Tex Standard 100 Certificate
  • Contract Price for PP Weft Yarn May Be Linked to an International Price Index  Same as for Pile Yarn, Natural Jute Price is Fluctuating Independently from  Any Price Index
  • Higher Efficiency On The Loom
  • Less Breaks On Right Side Of Loom Harness And Springs
  • No Dust – Safer Work Environment, Less Dust Cleaning Cost
  • No Smell – Improved Comfort
  • Resistant To Water
  • Resistant To Flames (Fr)
  • Resistant To Acid
  • Resistant To Mould & Fungus

For outdoor applications



Water Resistant

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