Growing Together, Stronger Together

Growing Together, Stronger Together

Superwarp Fibrillated Polyproplyene Warp Yarn

Polypropylene fibrillated warp yarns are used in combination with polypropylene weft and pile yarns to obtain 100% recycable rugs.

Range from 1050 to 1400 Dtex.
Delivered on bobbins or beams.

Present product Dtex range is from 880 Dtex - 2.100 Dtex

Tight Warp 1.200 Dtex - 1.500 Dtex
Slack Warp 880 Dtex - 1.200 Dtex

Superwarp AIR Texturized Polyester Warp yarn

Air Textured Yarn is a type of polyester filament yarn produced by processing through a texturing process. This process disperses, curlies and entangles the filaments composing the POY yarn. This gives a textured appearance. Air Textured Yarn is used to Woven Rug Warps and Secondary backing Weft.

Present product Denier range is from 600 Denier - 2.100 Denier

Tight Warp 1.350 Denier - 2.100 Denier
Slack Warp 600 Denier - 1.100 Denier
Secondary Backing (Low Shrinkage) 1.050 Denier - 1.425 Denier


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